My motto when crossing the Pacific and the Atlantic, written indelibly on the cabin of the boat, was “Come on bastard!” And these are the only words that I want to last. “Come on bastard!”

Alex’s solo crossings of oceans and lands include rowing 18,000km across the Pacific Ocean – the longest ocean crossing in history in a rowing boat – and becoming the first person to cross the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean solo. He’s run the entire 5,300km across the United States from LA to New York in 746 hours, and crossed Alaska on foot along the path of the legendary Iditarod.

Tracing your position at the end of the day and moving your pencil just a few millimetres to the west on the large map of the Pacific are moments of true happiness.

The methods and philosophies he has developed to help him cope and adapt to the grandest and most isolated conditions on earth have made him one of the most interesting people on the planet – probably because he has seen so much of it.

Alex is currently planning his next great adventure – living on an iceberg until it dies.