Built with the same ceramic technology, our Ceramic T Shirt, Baselayer and Hoodie are arguably the toughest layering system on the planet. Each of them is embedded with over 100,000 ceramic particles bound together in a tesselating formation that’s smooth and soft to the touch as well as highly elastic. While ceramics have been used in jet engines and missile nose cones before, this is the first time they’ve been applied to a wearable system of clothing.

The ceramic protection makes all three shirts incredibly abrasion resistant, giving you the best chance of coming home from any adventure with your clothes and skin intact. On a practical level, it means that when world record-holding adventurer, former elite military operative and Vollebak athlete Aldo Kane led an expedition into one of the deadliest and least studied volcanoes on earth – the Nyiragongo in the heart of the Congo – he did it in a Ceramic T Shirt.

Aldo Kane wearing the Condition Black Ceramic T Shirt in the Nyarigongo Volcano

From scorching heat and extreme exposure to the elements, to fear sweats, razor-like rocks and rope burn, we couldn’t have designed a better test for the world’s toughest t shirt. You really know you trust a piece of kit when you decide to wear it abseiling solo into one of the most dangerous and unpredictable volcanoes on the planet, located in the middle of a war zone, while carrying your own body weight in kit, tasked with keeping a team of scientists and filmmakers alive back at the top, and knowing your mission is to get yourself as close as possible to a lake of blistering lava and poisonous gases without dying. Both Aldo and the t shirt emerged alive and intact.

For anyone not jumping into volcanoes or heading up to space for fun, you’ll still find the three pieces combine everything you need for the perfect layering system – they’re lightweight, as stretchy as elastic, they soak up and get rid of sweat fast, they layer up easily, and with every ceramic particle printed flat onto the surface they’re incredibly smooth and good to wear all day.