This search for extreme highs explains why Chris’ favourite spot on earth is the Annichegan Ridge in Glencoe. If you like the feeling of knowing one bad move can kill you, this place is perfect. A near vertical ascent is followed by a knife-edge ridge with a several hundred foot drop on both sides, and often close to zero visibility at the top. It’s hands out in front of your face stuff; an exercise in knowing the terrain and reading the weather.

His skiing, downhill mountain biking and ultra running now take him off the map whatever country he’s in, but every year he’s drawn back to his local mountain ranges – hiking up and skiing the unmarked gulleys in Fort William and Rannaoch Moor, riding in Innerlethen and running through the wilderness of Glencoe.

Like a lot of adventure athletes he came to ultra running through other paths, but now he’s found it, he’s also found his inner endurance hunter. “The switch over to running strips you back. Whereas mountain biking is how much are you going to push it and how big your balls are, running is all about the high you get off being that fucked. And once you’re past 50 miles in the mountains you feel weirdly connected to something. It feels like this is what your body is meant to do.”