After launching our highly abrasion resistant Condition Black Jacket we started thinking about situations and environments where you might only be wearing one or two light layers next to your skin, but still need your clothing to protect you.

While outer layers can survive a bit of wear and tear, once you start working hard and stripping off, your clothes typically get weaker and less robust. But the stuff you strip down to when you’re pushing your hardest shouldn’t be the weak link in your clothing.

We wanted to create a soft layering system with extreme elasticity that was almost impervious to damage. And while you’d think that this is the kind of thing that only superheroes wear, it’s what material technology is helping us advance ever closer to.

Our answer is a wearable system made up of three pieces that can be worn separately, two at a time, or all three together. The Condition Black Ceramic Impregnated t shirt, baselayer and midlayer. All three are made with an innovative ceramic coating technology developed by Swiss textile pioneers Schoeller.

Tiny ceramic particles are bound into the material, making them highly abrasion resistant, while allowing the clothes to stay breathable, stretchy and soft on your skin. They’re tough enough to withstand whatever you put it through, from an off-road 10k or 24 hour adventure race, to pulling a sled in the Arctic or hacking through a jungle.

Designed with utter minimalism, the only details you’ll find on the Condition Black Ceramic layering system are lock-down rubberised zips, matt black logos, technical elastic stitching, and ceramic particles to stop your skin ripping off or your top falling apart.

We developed the system with Vollebak athletes Jason Fox and Aldo Kane who are survival experts in almost every terrain on earth. Jason is a former sergeant in the special forces. Aldo is a former elite reconnaisance sniper. Between them they have discovered Captain Kidd’s long lost treasure, set two world records rowing the Atlantic Ocean, led expeditions into erupting volcanoes, abseiled down the 3,212ft Angel Falls, and put up first ascents of Venezuela’s ancient tepuis – sheer-sided, flat-topped mountains rising out of the jungle.

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