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The gift card comes straight to your inbox

As soon as you buy one of our gift cards we email it straight over to you, so you don’t have to wait for anything to be posted out. After you've bought a gift card you'll be able to choose who you want it to be emailed to and when – down to the exact day and hour. Each card comes with a unique code that can be used to buy anything on our site at any time. And you can use the card on a single purchase, more than one purchase, or as part payment towards a purchase.

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Our terms and conditions are all pretty straightforward

There’s no expiry date that you have to use the card by. You do have to spend the gift card in the same currency that it was bought in, so for example a US dollar gift card has to be spent in US dollars. The gift cards themselves are non-refundable, but if someone wants to return something they've bought with a gift card, we'll refund the money back onto the gift card for them so they can buy something else. And you can’t use a gift card to buy another gift card because that would be weird.