When Murray first flew into the Arctic Circle to race the Endurance Snow Kite World Championships, he was a one-man Jamaican bobsleigh team – dressed head to toe in second hand gear and having never snow kited before. The following year, he took second place on the podium having flown up the treacherous Veranga Peninsula at night, on an ascent so fast and rocky that his route was lit by the sparks coming off the bottom of his board.

Murray’s track record includes ski-traversing Greenland, climbing the Cirque of Unclimbables in the Yukon and kitesurfing 95 miles non-stop and unsupported from Antigua to St Barts, unofficially breaking the then World Record. In an era before Google Maps reduced the uncertainty of adventure, Murray’s attempt ended with him curling up into a ball to bounce across a coral reef, then trekking through the jungle to civilization.

Having helped pioneer speed wing alpinism, where every climb is followed by a high-speed descent on a kite, Murray is currently perfecting his speed flying in the Alps and preparing to kitesurf around the UK coast.