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Fit guide: The 100 Year Jacket is designed with a loose fit, with plenty of room for other layers underneath. If you prefer a closer fit, we recommend you go for the size down.

Model wears: Skier, snowboarder and surfer Will Higginson is 6ft 2 / 188cm with a 40in / 102cm chest and 32in / 81cm waist. Will has an athletic build and wears the 100 Year Jacket in size Large.

Personalised advice: See our size guide for more advice on sizing, or you can ask us for personalised sizing advice here.

Returns and exchanges: Don’t worry if you order something and it doesn’t fit – we have a free, no hassle 30 day return and exchange period.

Fits chest83-9091-9899-106107-114115-122123-130
Fits waist71-7676-8181-8686-9191-9696-101
Fits chest33-3636-3939-4242-4545-4848-51
Fits waist28-3030-3232-3434-3636-3838-40
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100 Year Jacket

Part of our 100 Year range

Our 100 Year gear has always been built to be highly resistant to things like fire, time, tearing and abrasion. Our 100 Year Pants for example are made from a material so tough it was originally built to enable the military to walk through burning buildings. Our 100 Year Hoodie is built from the same stuff as spacesuits and body armour – a fibre 5x stronger than steel of the same weight. And our 100 Year Vest is the ultimate utility vest – fireproof, water repellent, and with enough pockets to carry your life with you. To make the ultimate 100 Year Jacket we decided to pick a fight with the one thing you’re guaranteed to face in the next century – the weather.

100 Year Jacket

Built for the toughest environments on Earth

All our 100 Year Gear is made with materials that have the kind of properties normal materials simply don’t have, and the 100 Year Jacket is no different. Built for the harshest environments on Earth – places where the weather can stop you dead if it decides to – it’s the most weatherproof creation we’ve ever made. Instead of compromising on either waterproofness, toughness or breathability as every other jacket has to, the 100 Year Jacket combines all three. It’s more waterproof than any other outdoor jacket, highly breathable, and as tough as almost anything we make. As the weather gets crazier, this jacket is built to cope with whatever the sky throws at it.

How we build our 100 Year Jacket

Designing a jacket that can last for 100 years is an exercise in no expense spared craftsmanship, and it’s as much about what you can’t see as what you can. It starts with bespoke materials created in the most cutting-edge fabric mill in Switzerland, before being followed by hundreds of separate construction processes. Where the seams join on the inside of the jacket – typically a weak point in waterproofing – we use giant circular bonded bartacks for strength. And where the lab testing for waterproofness normally stops, we simply doubled the pressure. The result is a jacket that you can wear in any terrain and any weather and emerge unscathed.

100 Year Jacket

Two giant front pockets to carry your gear

The 100 Year Jacket takes inspiration from our 100 Year Vest which we built with enough pockets to hold your life. For the 100 Year Jacket we’ve replaced traditional side pockets with two giant bellows pockets on the front of the jacket that open up the more you put inside them. They’re tall enough and deep enough to hold route maps, hammers, or spare kit. Leave them empty and of course they’re a perfect place to warm your hands just like a regular jacket. Both pockets are fully waterproofed, protected by external storm flaps, and made with rubberised zip pulls.

100 Year Jacket

Giant back pocket built for speed

You’ll find a giant pocket running across the back of the entire jacket that works like a backpack you never have to take off. It unzips from both sides allowing you to carry an enormous amount of gear. We’ve tested it with large headphones, flasks, small pickaxes, gloves, extra layers, and skins for skiing. We’ve built our giant pockets on the outside of the jacket so you can use them faster. It also increases the amount the jacket can store as it’s not competing with your ribs for space. Just like the front pockets, both side zipper entrances are hidden behind storm flaps and made with fully waterproofed zippers.

100 Year Jacket

It will take more than 100 years to break the fabric

The Martindale abrasion resistance test is the way clothing is normally tested to see how quickly it will break down. A mechanical thumb rubs the surface of the fabric repeatedly until the fibres start to break. The test goes up to 100,000 revolutions which is the equivalent of a lifetime of wear and tear. A normal polyester fabric can survive around 25,000 revolutions. This jacket is made from a highly abrasion resistant rip-proof fabric with an ultra-tough polyurethane membrane, so easily passed 100,000 cycles of wear. Even then the fabric had to be checked with a magnifying glass to see if any fibres had broken. None had.

100 Year Jacket

How waterproofness is measured

Waterproofness is the amount of pressure a material can withstand before water goes through it. A rating of 10,000mm for a material is considered waterproof, as it means that if you stood a 10 metre high column of water on that material, the water wouldn’t go through. The higher the score, the less chance rain has of getting you wet. Measuring waterproofness has become something of an arms race in outdoor gear over the last few decades. And it’s an arms race that the 100 Year Jacket wins.

100 Year Jacket

Waterproof to 43,000mm

Water is strong enough to carve rock over time, so it’s certainly strong enough to get through most jackets eventually. Downpours that last for days or a heavy bag on your shoulders pressing the water through the fabric, will all help water find a way in. That’s why the 100 Year Jacket uses a material that was originally built to a brief of being able to handle torrential rain while racing a motorbike – where the water hits the material at high speed and with high pressure. This jacket is built with an advanced Swiss membrane that tests up to 47,000mm waterproof in the lab and averages out at 43,000mm. You won’t find numbers like this anywhere else.

100 Year Jacket

Highly waterproof and highly breathable at the same time

The issue of course with creating something crazily waterproof is breathability. The more water can’t come through one way, the harder it is to let it come out the other. A rubber wetsuit for instance would never let any rain through, but if you tried to go for a run in one you might pass out as it won’t let heat or sweat escape efficiently. So we’ve worked with a technology called c_change®, a membrane technology from Swiss fabric mill Schoeller. Instead of remaining static, the membrane can open and close to respond to different weather conditions as they happen, while remaining permanently waterproof and windproof.

100 Year Jacket

How the membrane works in the cold

This c_change® membrane is the most intelligent part of the material. It mimics natural structures like flowers and pinecones, opening and closing in response to changes in temperature, humidity and sweat. It’s designed to keep you at a consistent temperature by combining really high breathability with heat retention. While it can open up like a series of microscopic vents to let heat escape, in the cold it closes itself like a protective barrier to stop heat leaving. So as soon as the temperature drops, or you stop moving, the membrane contracts to insulate you and retain heat close to the body.

100 Year Jacket

How the membrane works in the heat and wet

As the air temperature rises, the membrane opens up so that excess sweat and heat can escape through the jacket. But while the membrane’s polymer structure opens up to become extremely permeable to water vapour leaving the body, it remains completely waterproof on the outside. It means that even if you held a jacket under a downpour in extreme heat, the jacket will only ever let the water through one way, while still letting heat pass through it.

100 Year Jacket

Tough on the outside, soft on the inside

It wasn’t enough for us to build a jacket that could simply last for 100 years. We wanted to build one comfortable enough to spend the rest of your life in. So while the surface of the jacket is highly rip and tear resistant, the inside is made from a brushed polyester that’s soft on your skin. And with every panel laser cut then stitched and bonded for waterproofness, all the seams are built to withstand high water pressure, meaning as wet as the outside of your jacket gets, you’ll stay dry.

100 Year Jacket

Designed to keep the elements out

The detailing on the 100 Year Jacket is engineered to last. A heavy duty, elasticated military belt tape sits just below the left shoulder. It’s designed to hang gear on that you might need fast, like a torch, satellite phone, or radio comms. Both cuffs are built with thick Velcro straps. Extra detailing is built from the ultra-tough Cordura. The drawcords at the hems allow you to cut out the rain and the snow. Inside the jacket you’ll find two large internal zipped pockets, and an elasticated snowskirt for the slopes. And the jacket is cut with a longer back like a ski shell to help keep the elements out.

100 Year Jacket

A super high collar built for the slopes

The jacket has a super high collar that’s designed to ride comfortably up and over your face to meet your goggles. The collar and hood are engineered like an ocean-racing marine jacket, which means they can operate independently. So if you want to ride with your face covered but your hood down, you can. The elasticated hood works with any ski and snowboard helmet and has drawcord adjusters at the side and back. The collar is lined with Merino next to your mouth and nose and comes with six air vents. The drawcord adjusters make the hood fit for regular wear off the slopes.

100 Year Jacket

It’s cut for extreme movement

The 100 Year Jacket is cut for extreme movement and extreme conditions. As your outermost layer that can be worn in the mountains we’ve made the jacket slightly oversized, which means on the coldest days you’ll be able to layer up as much as you want beneath it. Our 100 Year layering system and ceramic layering system are built for the most rugged environments, and our Planet Earth layering system made with Merino is built for the coldest. If you like your jackets to have a closer fit, you can of course drop down a size, or chat to us first about what size will work best for you.

100 Year Jacket

Giant pit vents for dumping excess heat

The membrane in the 100 Year Jacket is already designed to get rid of excess heat, but if you’re working exceptionally hard, large pit vents underneath each arm let you dump heat even faster. Both pit zips are built with waterproof zippers that can be operated with one hand. And every part of the jacket is built to keep you dry but let heat out when you need. The heavy-duty front zipper is waterproof, backed with an internal storm flap and has rubberised zip pulls. But it’s also a two-way zipper so you can open it from the top and bottom at the same time, making it just as easy to wear the jacket in the city as the mountains.

100 Year Jacket

Swiss-engineered material built in the SpaceX of fabric mills

Every 100 Year Jacket starts life at the same space age factory in Switzerland as our 100 Year Pants, Shorts and Vests. Based in the mountains, Schoeller is to material technology what SpaceX is to rockets – a bunch of people and machines quietly making the future happen faster. While waterproof clothing has traditionally lacked strength and breathability in extreme conditions, Schoeller created a highly abrasion resistant and intelligent material that changes its behaviour in the face of rain, ice, cold, sweat and heat.

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