Adventure and endurance sports aren’t nice and clean. Your skin shreds, your toenails rip off, you get to know the taste of your own blood, the sound of the breath being smashed out of you, the surgical precision of tarmac removing your skin, and the numbed tug of stitches pulling your flesh back together. Whether you’re racing downhill, up a rock face, or through trails, our Blood Camo T Shirt says you know where your priorities lie, and that the aim of life is not to arrive at the end with the fewest scars.

  • Lightweight
  • High stretch fabric - 22% elastane / 78% polyamide
  • Active stitching technology
  • Breathable
  • High wicking
  • Cool wash max temp 40°
  • Do not tumble dry

We use Vollebak athletes in all of our shots. Downhill mountain biker, ultra runner and climber Chris Maclean is 5ft 7 / 170cm and wears size medium. With high elasticity, the Blood Camo T Shirt can be worn tight to your skin, or large and loose. So if you like your sports t shirt a bit baggy we recommend choosing a size up.

Arm length82-8484-8686-8888-90
Back length73-7575-7777-7979-81
Arm length32-3333-3434-3535-36
Back length28.5-29.529.5-30.530-3131-32
Blood Camo T Shirt with Vollebak athlete Chris Maclean

Our approach to creating blood camo

Blood drips and trickles from your body. It seeps, spatters and smears into your clothes. Its edges leak. It pours out bright and shiny then dries matt and dark. Disguising it requires layering up patterns and colour intensity to create the perception of depth, and replicate its drying stages. We’ve combined a highly saturated red base for fresh blood with maroon pools and spatters with a paler seeping surround for dried-on stains.

Blood Camo T Shirt with Vollebak athlete Chris Maclean

High performance for high intensity situations

The Blood Camo sports t shirt is made from a lightweight, high performance, breathable fabric with high stretch. Made with 22% elastane, whichever way your body moves, your t shirt will go with you. We’ve also used a special type of stitching called ‘active stitch’. It's not only tougher than standard stitching, but also has the ability to stretch with the fabric when it’s being pulled around by you or nature.

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    Good adventures come with cuts and bruises. Now, thanks to Vollebak’s line of faux blood, sweat, and muck-stained apparel, good adventures won’t ruin your clothes. They’ll just blend right in.

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    Vollebak's camouflaged sportswear hides blood, sweat and dirt from hardcore workouts

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