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We shot the Condition Black Ceramic Baselayer on survival expert and former special forces sergeant Jason Fox, who is 6ft 1 / 185 cm and wears extra large, and explorer and former elite reconnaissance sniper Aldo Kane, who is 5ft 9 / 175 cm and wears size medium.

If you’ve already got our Planet Earth Baselayer then you’ll find this has a similar fit.

For more advice on sizing, check our size guide or ask us for help with sizing. And don’t worry if you order something and it doesn’t fit – we have a free, no hassle 30 day return and exchange period.

Fits chest83-9091-9899-106107-114115-122123-130
Fits waist71-7676-8181-8686-9191-9696-101
Fits chest33-3636-3939-4242-4545-4848-51
Fits waist28-3030-3232-3434-3636-3838-40
Ceramic nose cone

Built with the same ceramic tech as the International Space Station 

To get a sense of just how tough ceramic materials can be, you need to look to the International Space Station 400km above the Earth. It has multiple layers of protection shielding it from micrometeoroids and orbital debris that can strike at speeds of up to 40,000mph. The first is made from aramid fibre – the same as our 100 Year Hoodies. The next is woven from ceramic fibre – the second toughest material on or off the planet. And if it’s good enough for hypervelocity collisions in space, it’s good enough for any mission back on Earth.

cb t ceramic close up 2 1376

Hardcore ceramic protection

Each Condition Black Ceramic Baselayer is embedded with over 100,000 ceramic particles bound together in a honeycomb formation. While every one of the particles is smooth, flat and soft to the touch, the only material on earth that’s tougher than ceramics is diamonds, making the baselayer highly abrasion resistant. The particles can’t be scratched off or washed out.

cb b front crop 1376

Why abrasion resistance matters

Abrasion resistance is how you measure clothes’ ability to withstand friction and wear and tear. Whether you're lugging climbing rope over your shoulder, you come off your bike on a downhill track, or your bag's shifting up and down on your back on a long run, that’s all abrasion. Wearing highly abrasion resistant clothing gives you the best chance of coming home from an adventure with your clothes and your skin intact.

cb b back detail 1376

High stretch fabric with seamless side panelling

The baselayer incorporates 20% elastane and offers incredible 4 way stretch - even the stitching is elastic. Two seamless side panels - running from the bottom hem, up the side of the body, then down the inside of the sleeve to the cuff - give you complete freedom of movement, with no seams to prevent the fabric stretching as you move your arms and upper body. They also make you more comfortable by removing the chance of seams chafing your armpit.

Ceramic particles bound together in a honeycomb formation on the Condition Black Ceramic Baselayer. See more at

Lock-down waterproof zip

The baselayer has a matt black lock-down zip, which means you can secure it in place at any point. Once locked in place, the zip pull won’t bounce and the zip won't come undone, however much you move around. It stays exactly where you left it. The zip has a rubberised, waterproof surround, and a soft zip guard at the neck.

cb b back 3 4 2 1376

Breathable and lightweight

Our Condition Black Ceramic Baselayer is breathable and hydrophilic, which means it will soak up any sweat and get rid of it fast, so you stay comfortable and dry. While the outside is super-resilient, the underside has a soft, silky feel, making it easy to wear all day. The baselayer is lightweight, so you're not paying for the abrasion resistance by having to carry extra weight.

Inside the Schoeller factory in Switzerland

Built in the SpaceX of clothes factories

Every Ceramic t shirt, baselayer and midlayer we make starts its life at the same space age factory in Switzerland. Based in the mountains, Schoeller is to material technology what SpaceX is to rockets – a bunch of people and machines quietly making the future happen faster. While ceramic technology has been used on missile nose cones and the blades of jet engines for decades, Schoeller helped us become the first to apply ceramics to a wearable system of clothing.

Condition Black Ceramic layering set

Part of the toughest clothing system on Earth

This baselayer is part of a wearable system which also includes a ceramic-impregnated t shirt and midlayer. You can wear them separately, two at a time, or all three together. Designed with Vollebak athletes Jason Fox and Aldo Kane, two former elite military operatives turned adventurers, it's a sports layering system where every layer is as tough as the next, while still being lightweight, soft and comfortable on your skin.

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    This is the most amazing t-shirt I have ever worn. Specifically it’s probably the most advanced technical shirt available and certainly the toughest – without sacrificing comfort and breathability. As the name states, it’s got actual ceramic particles embedded throughout the shirt for abrasion protection – also, it cools the body like AC.

  • hiconsumption

    Vollebak is to the technical clothing world what Skunk Works is to the aeronautics industry. The small London-based team is constantly releasing cutting-edge products that seem as much science experiments as they do functional pieces of gear.

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