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While outer layers can survive a bit of wear and tear, once you start working hard and stripping off, your clothes typically get weaker and less robust. But the stuff you strip down to when you’re pushing yourself hardest shouldn’t be the weak link in your clothing. Coated with ceramic particles to make it highly abrasion resistant, this Condition Black t shirt is tough enough to withstand whatever you put it through, from an off-road 10k or 24 hour adventure race, to pulling a sled in the Arctic or hacking through a jungle.

  • Highly abrasion resistant ceramic coating
  • High stretch fabric - 20% elastane / 80% polyamide
  • Active stitching technology
  • Lightweight - 180g
  • Breathable
  • Soft on your skin
  • High wicking
  • UV protected
  • Made with Schoeller technology
  • Cool wash max temp 40°
  • Do not tumble dry

We shot the Condition Black Ceramic T Shirt on survival expert and former special forces sergeant Jason Fox, who is 6ft 1 / 185 cm and wears extra large, and explorer and former elite reconnaissance sniper Aldo Kane, who is 5ft 9 / 175 cm and wears size medium.

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Arm length62-6464-6666-6868-70
Back length73-7575-7777-7979-81
Arm length22-2323-2424-2525-26
Back length28.5-29.529.5-30.530-3131-32
Vollebak athlete Jason Fox in the Condition Black Ceramic Baselayer

Hardcore ceramic protection

Our Condition Black Ceramic T Shirt is finished with an innovative ceramic coating technology developed by Swiss textile pioneers Schoeller. Tiny ceramic particles are bound into the material in a hexagon formation, making the t shirt highly abrasion resistant while allowing it to stay breathable, stretchy and comfortable. The coating is soft to the touch and can’t be washed off.

Vollebak athlete Jason Fox in the Condition Black Ceramic Impregnated T Shirt

Why abrasion resistance matters

Abrasion resistance is how you measure clothes’ ability to withstand friction and wear and tear. Whether you're lugging climbing rope over your shoulder, you come off your bike on a downhill track, or your bag's shifting up and down on your back on a long run, that’s all abrasion. Wearing highly abrasion resistant clothing gives you the best chance of coming home from an adventure with your clothes and your skin intact.

Vollebak athlete Aldo Kane in the Condition Black Ceramic Impregnated T Shirt

High stretch fabric with 20% elastane

The last thing you want when you’re pulling any extreme or repetitive move is resistance from your kit. This t shirt has incredible 4 way stretch, so whichever way you stretch, pull or turn, it will simply go with you. We’ve also used a special type of stitching called ‘active stitch’. It's not only tougher than standard stitching, but also has the ability to stretch with the fabric when it’s being pulled around by you or nature.

Condition Black Ceramic Impregnated Baselayer with Jason Fox

Designed for the unknown

Adventure sport is never predictable. So we've created a clothing system that protects you from every angle, rather than second-guessing where you might need it. The entire surface area of the t shirt is abrasion resistant. Every dot in every hexagon you can see on the t shirt is a ceramic particle. So it doesn’t matter where a rock, a tree, or the passage of time tries to strike, you should be covered.

Vollebak athlete Jason Fox in the Condition Black Ceramic Impregnated T Shirt

Breathable and lightweight

Our Condition Black Ceramic T Shirt is breathable and also hydrophilic, which means it will soak up any sweat and get rid of it fast, so you stay comfortable and dry. While the outside is super-resilient, the underside has a soft, silky feel, making it an easy short-sleeved base layer to wear all day. And with the top weighing only 180 grams, you're not paying for the abrasion resistance by having to carry extra weight.

Condition Black Ceramic layering system

Based on elite military insights

When you’re off grid or mid adventure, it’s critical you have kit that you know you can rely on and that’ll help look after you. So we’ve designed the Condition Black Ceramic range with Vollebak athletes Jason Fox and Aldo Kane, two former elite military operatives turned adventurers. Together we wanted to build the toughest clothing system on earth, regardless of whether it’s next to your skin or your final layer.

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Condition Black Ceramic Jacket

The origins of Condition Black

The military elite have a term for your physical and mental state during life and death situations – moments in which your subconscious has to choose between fight or flight. They call it ‘condition black.’ The colour code for ‘you’re about to die’. Each piece in the Condition Black range is designed to help you survive extreme experiences using insights from the field and advanced material technology.

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    About as close to a suit of chain mail and/or Batman’s armor as you can get in the gym – without all the extra weight. We’ve tried out a lot of workout shirts over the years, but we’ve never tried anything quite like this training t-shirt from Vollebak. Sure, it’s soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking – the stuff of luxe athleticwear dreams – but the Condition Black T-shirt really stands out because of its ceramic polymer coating, which works like armor against chest-to-floor burpees or heavy back squats.

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