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Fit guide: The Equator Shirt has a regular fit.

Model wears: Sadiq Desh is 6ft 1.5 / 187cm with a 37 inch / 94cm chest. Sadiq has an athletic build and is wearing the Equator Shirt in size Medium.

Personalised advice: See our size guide for more advice on sizing, or you can ask us for personalised sizing advice here.

Returns and exchanges: Don’t worry if you order something and it doesn’t fit – we have a free, no hassle 30 day return and exchange period.

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Fits waist28-3030-3232-3434-3636-3838-40
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Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

We start with the softest cotton from the Nile Delta

Life at the equator offers us a glimpse of our future – a world of non-stop sun, heat, humidity and rainstorms. So we’ve built the Equator Shirt to equip you for it. To build a shirt that can work in all 40,000km of the equator we started with a world-class base material – a rare cotton called Karnak Menoufi. One of the lightest, softest fabrics on the planet, Karnak Menoufi is a silk-like cotton that’s only found in the Nile Delta, and only grows in the years when the rain, soil and wind conditions are perfect.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

We turn cotton into a high performance fabric

While Karnak Menoufi is already extremely soft and robust, we’ve added durability and stretch by combining the cotton with elastane and an ultrafine nylon in Italy. Together the combination is so soft and lightweight that it has to be spun and woven with the same techniques and on the same looms that are used for silk. The result is an advanced, abrasion resistant material which feels almost silk-like next to your skin.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

Ultra lightweight at just 167 grams

As global temperatures rise and climate zones shift, clothes have to respond. Weighing just 167 grams, the Equator Shirt is the most technical lightweight shirt ever built, and less than half the weight of our Planet Earth Shirt. Built for the heat, the Equator Shirt is highly breathable, ultra lightweight and packable – so it’s perfect for any adventure. Whether it’s on your back or in your backpack you’ll never notice it’s there.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

10 concealed air vents work like in-built air-con

We’ve built 10 concealed air vents throughout the shirt to cool you down, with two different methods of engineering. Designed for hot, humid and arid environments, each vent opens and closes either with body movement or with zip closures. And we’ve put them in the places you’ll need them the most – across your back and on your chest.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

Two chest pockets with hidden vents

The two chest pockets are built with angled lockable zippers. Inside each of the pockets are hidden vents for when you need to cool down. Simply unzip each pocket to reveal perforated laser cut panels that will create multiple air streams. When you’re moving fast this will channel any air from the outside directly towards your chest to cool you faster.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

Air-con for your upper back

Another 8 air vents are positioned across your upper back. These are engineered to stay open and bring constant airflow. Two layers of fabric overlap and are securely fixed with bartacks. It means they won’t blow open and your skin will stay protected, but the air can flow in.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

Two way stretch and twin needle stitched for performance

The last thing you want when you’re pulling any extreme or repetitive move in the heat is resistance from your kit. The Equator Shirt has 2 way horizontal stretch, so whichever way you stretch, pull or turn, it will simply go with you. We’ve also used twin needle stitching on every seam, which is two lines of stitching instead of one to double the strength.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

The shirt’s invisible tech blocks invisible UV rays

Just like sunblock, fabric can be rated for its ability to reduce your exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF, shows how much more protection your skin would have while wearing that piece of clothing. A UPF rating of 15 for example would give your skin 15x more protection than it would have if it was unprotected. The shirt scores a UPF of 50+ which is the highest possible rating, giving you the highest possible protection, wherever you are.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

It’s fast drying from rain and humidity

Humidity and rainstorms are going to soak you one way or another at the equator, so the key is about drying really fast, rather than trying to avoid getting wet. The fabric is ultra lightweight and elastic so it dries quickly, making the shirt as at home in a rainforest as it is in a city. And the extra airflow from the ventilation will help your skin dry faster at the same time as the shirt.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

Impact-resistant buttons made from corozo nuts

Every button on the shirt starts life as a corozo nut buried inside the spiky fruit of the Tagua Palm trees found on the coastal mountain ranges of South America. Corozo is phenomenally strong so can be carved with stunning precision. It’s highly resistant to scratches, extreme temperatures and impact, so won’t crack or splinter. Made from 100% organic fibre, each button has a unique grain just like a fingerprint, so no two will ever be the same. And all buttons are sculpted with a highly polished 30 degree taper towards the edges to make them easy to slip into place.

Equator Short Sleeve Shirt

Free-floating buttons anchored on military tapes

Even the way the shirt buttons up has been engineered to work with sweaty hands and hostile conditions. Rather than being sewn onto the shirt, the buttons on the front of the shirt have all been threaded onto a high-strength woven polyester tape that runs the shirt’s entire length. The tape is then stitched onto reinforced panels above and below each button. The construction allows the shirt to stretch and flex with you, as each button is free to slide 2 centimetres up and down its section of military tape.

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