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Fit guide: The Equator T Shirt has a regular fit.

Model wears: Greg Kheel is 6ft 2 / 188cm with a 39 inch / 99cm chest. Greg has an athletic build and is wearing the Equator T Shirt in size Medium.

Personalised advice: See our size guide for more advice on sizing, or you can ask us for personalised sizing advice here.

Returns and exchanges: Don’t worry if you order something and it doesn’t fit – we have a free, no hassle 30 day return and exchange period.

Fits chest83-9091-9899-106107-114115-122123-130
Fits waist71-7676-8181-8686-9191-9696-101
Fits chest33-3636-3939-4242-4545-4848-51
Fits waist28-3030-3232-3434-3636-3838-40
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Equator T Shirt

We start with silk-like Pima cotton

Life at the equator offers us a glimpse of our future – a world of non-stop sun, heat, humidity and rainstorms. So we’ve built the Equator T Shirt to equip you for it. To build a t shirt that can work in all 40,000km of the equator we start with a world-class raw material which is incredibly soft, breathable and cooling at the same time. Pima cotton is a silk-like cotton that’s one of the lightest, softest fibres you can wear.

Equator T Shirt

It’s one of the rarest cottons

While cotton has been cultivated for over 5,000 years, not all cottons are equal. Today upland cotton makes up about 90% of global cotton production, and it’s used for most cotton t shirts. Pima cotton is rarer and only makes up a fraction of all the cotton produced worldwide – under 5%. But it's not only softer and lighter than regular cotton, it’s also more resistant to pilling, fraying and tearing.

Equator T Shirt

Pima cotton is super soft and strong

The fine strands that make up a raw piece of cotton are called staples, and the longer these strands are, the stronger and silkier the cotton will be. Pima cotton is one of the few types of cotton which has extra long staples. On a practical level it means there are fewer edges when the fibres are woven into fabric, because there are fewer strands. And this is what produces a material that’s really soft and really strong at the same time.

Equator T Shirt

The cotton is mercerized to keep you cool

In hot and humid conditions, the last thing you want is for your clothes to cling to you and stick to your skin, so the Equator T Shirt goes through a process called mercerization. Designed to make the t shirt feel even smoother and silkier, it also helps it hold its shape and structure in the heat. So instead of sticking to you, it’s designed to keep a gap between your skin and the material, so that air can still move between your body and the t shirt to help cool you down.

Equator T Shirt

It’s ultralight and fast drying from rain and humidity

Humidity and rainstorms are going to soak you one way or another at the equator, so the key is about drying really fast, rather than trying to avoid getting wet. The t shirt is ultra lightweight at 130 grams, so it dries quickly. It means the shirt is as at home in a rainforest as it is in the city.

Equator T Shirt

Wear it with the Equator Shorts or Pants

The Equator T Shirt is designed to be worn as part of our Equator range. Our Equator Shorts and Pants start with one of the lightest and softest fabrics on the planet – a rare, silk-like cotton from the Nile Delta – which we combine with ultra-fine nylon and elastane for durability and stretch. Designed to keep you comfortable in even the most extreme heat, they’re highly breathable, UV resistant, and come with an advanced ventilation system built with 332 laser-cut vents.

Equator T Shirt

Or wear it underneath the Equator Shirt

Just like the shorts and pants, our Equator Shirts are built with Karnak Menoufi – a rare silk-like cotton from the Nile Delta that only grows in the years when the rain, soil and wind conditions are perfect. We add durability and stretch by combining the cotton with elastane and an ultrafine nylon in Italy. Together the combination is so soft and lightweight it has to be spun and woven with the same techniques and on the same looms as silk. It also comes with 18 concealed air vents built with laser cutting and super soft Italian mesh that work together like built-in air-con. You can see our full Equator range here.

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