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We shot the Ocean Shorts: Granite edition on kitesurfer, surfer, wakeboarder and climber Murray Smith, who is 5ft 9 / 175cm and wearing size medium.

The shorts are built with a highly elastic waistband and rope tie fastening. If your waist measurement puts you on the borderline between two sizes we recommend choosing the smaller size.

For more advice on sizing, check our size guide or ask us for help with sizing. And don’t worry if you order something and it doesn’t fit – we have a free, no hassle 30 day return and exchange period.

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Our amphibious Ocean Shorts are just as amazing on land as they are on water | Buy at

A stripped-down aesthetic built with laser cutting, welding and bonding

The reason shorts don’t normally look as good as supercars is because no-one has ever spent hundreds of hours trying to make them look as good. So we did. Every design decision was made to enhance their performance, with the aesthetics and form falling out of that. With every detail cut by laser, bartacks welded on for strength, and the seams bonded for simplicity, the reason they look like a stripped-out feat of engineering is because they are.

Vollebak's Ocean Shorts stretch like an elastic band | Buy at

They’re the stretchiest shorts you’ll ever wear

Whether you’re a kitesurfer or a yogi, there’s literally no move you can pull where these shorts will restrict you. If you were holding a metre of this fabric, you’d be able to stretch it to 1.5 metres in any direction, and as soon as you let go it would instantly return to its normal shape thanks to the huge amount of elastane we’ve used. Stronger and more durable than rubber, the more elastane you blend with another material the stretchier it becomes. These shorts are 34% elastane making them unbelievably stretchy.

Our amphibious Ocean Shorts are just as amazing on land as they are on water. Buy at

Built from compression fabric, they’re crazily resilient and strong

The material we’ve used was originally designed for compression gear so it’s incredibly strong. We’ve simply laser-cut it into the shape of non-compression gear. The strength of the material remains identical but you have none of the pressure on your muscles. Every inch of fabric has been knitted by 40 needles, so unlike normal knitted fabrics it’s incredibly dense. This means that on abrasion tests, which show you how fast you could destroy something on coral reefs or a dirt track, it scores 5 out of 5 for toughness.

green shorts x mountain shirt full front 1376

Amphibious shorts that are just as amazing on land as they are on water

While we set out to build the best shorts on earth for the water, everything that makes them amazing for the oceans makes them phenomenal back on land too. They’re so light, stretchy and seamless you can run an ultra-marathon in them. They’re strong and resilient enough to cope with any mountain biking, climbing or hiking trip. They’re as soft and comfortable as a pair of sweat pants if you just want to kick back. While the cut and simplicity means you can wear them to the office.

Our Ocean Shorts are designed for surfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, sailing or wakeboarding | Buy at

As soft as a sweater and hardwearing as a jacket

You probably won’t have ever worn a pair of knitted board shorts before, but they represent the holy grail of sports gear – incredibly strong, stretchy, soft and lightweight all at the same time. By blending elastane with a super tough nylon yarn, we’ve created a unique knitted fabric. With millions of microscopic knitted loops, it manages to feel as soft and stretchy as your knitted socks and sweaters, while being as hardwearing and smooth to the touch as a mountain jacket.

Our Ocean Shorts repel water with plant-based technology | Buy at

Plant technology makes these shorts water repellent

For decades, brands have been using toxic fluorocarbons to make their clothing water repellent. But ocean spray simply rolls straight off these shorts without a chemical in sight. We’ve gone back to the Stone Age and used a plant-based technology that penetrates deep into the fibres and makes water simply slip off the surface. The same tech makes them fast-drying out of the water, and when you want to hang them up to dry you’ll find a reinforced drying loop just above the waistband.

Vollebak's Ocean Shorts in green - the most advanced amphibious shorts on the planet. Buy at

Constructed with only one seam and no expense spared

Built with just one bonded seam our Ocean Shorts represent a radical leap forward in engineering. Normal brands use lots of stitched seams even though they chafe your legs as it’s the cheapest option. These shorts have only one seam, and it’s bonded – which means it’s glued with an incredibly high heat. It’s the most expensive construction method there is, but the result is there are simply no stitches to rub you or to stop the shorts stretching.

Our amphibious Ocean Shorts are just as amazing on land as they are on water | Buy at

Even when they’re wet they hold their shape.

A lot of shorts simply look bad when they’re wet, even though they’re designed for water – they either cling to you or billow out like a jellyfish wrapped round your legs. So we’ve engineered these shorts to look as good on you when they’re wet as they do when they’re dry. The bottom hem of each leg is laser cut then reinforced with bonded tape to give it enough weight to hold its shape however soaked you are and stop the shorts clinging to you.

Rubberised lockable zipper on the Ocean Shorts: Green edition. Buy at

A streamlined back pocket with water escape holes

Even the rear pocket is designed to operate in the simplest way possible. Big enough to hold your phone, card and keys on land, or a GPS in the water, there are two laser cut holes in the pocket with welded edges that allow water to drain at high speed rather than billowing up with air. The pocket is fastened with a rubberised zip that’s lockable and housed in its own zip garage, so once it’s done up it won’t come undone.

Rope-tie fastening with welded, laser-cut holes on Vollebak's green Ocean Shorts. Buy at

Strips of silicone keep the shorts locked on you

The shorts are rope tied and have a Velcro fly, so there’s nothing that can cut into you or your board. The rope has rubberised ends and is woven through laser cut holes which have been welded for extra strength. On the inside of the waistband you’ll find two silicon strips that run the entire circumference of the shorts in two channels built into an elastic tape. They grip your skin and keep your shorts secure. And the more you sweat the more they grip.

High-grip elastic and silicon inner waistband on our Ocean Shorts | Buy at

Wear the softest material on earth next to your balls

Good design matters, even when you can’t see it. And it matters even more when it’s next to your balls. The shorts’ inner lining is made with one of the highest grade and lightest materials on earth – an Italian mesh fabric that’s so soft and comfortable we made entire t shirts out of it. It’s fast-drying, made with 25% elastane, and has seams that are bonded flat so it won’t ever trap, catch or grate you.

Vollebak logo on the Ocean Shorts: Green edition. Buy at

The shorts’ invisible tech blocks invisible UV rays

Just like sunblock, fabric can be rated for its ability to reduce your exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF, determines how much more protection your skin would have while wearing that piece of clothing. A UPF rating of 15 for example would give your skin 15x more protection than it would have if it was unprotected. These shorts are so densely knitted that the fabric scores a UPF of 50+ which is the highest possible rating, giving you the highest possible protection.

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