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Fit guide: The Off Grid Fleece Jacket is designed with a loose fit, with plenty of room for other layers underneath. If you prefer a closer fit, we recommend you go for the size down.

Model wears: Runner Tyler Maher is 6ft 4 / 193cm with a 38 inch / 97cm chest. Tyler has an athletic build and is wearing the Off Grid Fleece Jacket in size XL.

Personalised advice: See our size guide for more advice on sizing, or you can ask us for personalised sizing advice here.

Returns and exchanges: Don’t worry if you order something and it doesn’t fit – we have a free, no hassle 30 day return and exchange period.

Fits chest83-9091-9899-106107-114115-122123-130
Fits waist71-7676-8181-8686-9191-9696-101
Fits chest33-3636-3939-4242-4545-4848-51
Fits waist28-3030-3232-3434-3636-3838-40
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Off Grid Fleece Jacket

The Grid might be doomed

Today we are truly plugged into the matrix – with the electrical grid, running water, gas, and Amazon all on tap. But what if the grid is a blip? After all, we survived for two million years without it. With many predicting wars over natural resources in the not-too-distant future, being disconnected from the production of everything we rely on for survival doesn’t feel like a great idea. So our Off Grid range is built for a future in which you have to rebuild your life with your bare hands.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

Part of our Off Grid range

As parts of our planet become increasingly difficult to live on, and we’re forced into new and unknown terrain, we’re going to need solutions to help us. So our Off Grid range is a system of clothing we’ve designed to help you live remotely. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going off grid for a weekend, a year, or you’re selling up and unplugging for good. With vests and jackets made from the same stuff as body armour, high-strength utility pants and shorts, and the strongest rain shell ever built, we’ve focused on toughness, comfort and utility to help you live remotely and survive off the land.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

Built for cold and harsh environments

Soft, elastic and superb at keeping your temperature stable, wool is incredibly effective in cold and harsh conditions. It’s also naturally water repellent and fast drying. So when humanity does head off grid, wool will be coming with us. But one property wool isn’t necessarily known for is extreme durability, so we set out to change that and adapt it for the toughest off grid environments.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

Submerged in extremely hot water

The Off Grid Fleece Jacket is constructed from a technical two-layered material which combines ancient and modern techniques. The outer layer is made from a rugged wool which we strengthen by submerging it in extremely hot water. As the fibres react to the heat, they begin to compress which makes the wool stronger, more wind resistant and more water repellent than regular wool. The process also creates natural microscopic bubbles in the wool which work like a barrier between your body and the cold.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

Used to combat winter in Siberia and the Alps

Variations of this method for strengthening wool have existed for thousands of years. You’ll sometimes see it called ‘felted wool’ or ‘boiled wool.’ If you’d visited the Austrian Alps a few hundred years ago hunter gatherers called it “loden,” and they wore it to stay warm and dry through freezing temperatures and icy blizzards. Head further back to 600BC, and nomadic tribes in the Altai Mountains were using the same materials to help them survive brutal Siberian winters.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

A soft and breathable bonded lining

We turn the wool outer layer into a technical two-layered material by bonding a soft polyester lining to the underside. The lining strengthens the material by acting as a stabiliser, creating a jacket which will last for years in tough conditions. This extra layer increases the jacket’s wind resistance while still maintaining its breathability, and it’s also super soft and comfortable next to your skin.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

Pockets that can replace a backpack

There are two giant pockets on the front of the jacket which are big enough to replace a backpack. The first opens with a long horizontal zipper protected by a storm flap. The second pocket is layered underneath it, and opens with vertical zippers on either side. You can use them to tuck your arms in when the weather turns hostile. Or to carry supplies. Or both – because at full capacity the pockets hold up to 10 litres together, which should be enough food to last a few days.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

The cuffs and hem keep out the elements

You’ll find adjusters at the cuffs which tighten with a belt and heavy-duty metal snap buttons. Each adjuster has three tightness settings so you can create a seal around your wrists or gloves to protect you from the elements. And we’ve added the same adjusters at the hem of the jacket so you can tighten it up to stop cold air from getting in.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

A fitted hood and a zipper at the collar

The hood is shaped to fit snugly around your head without the need for adjustment. And the half zip collar is protected by a storm flap and fastens shut with metal snap fasteners. You can close the collar when the weather turns, or to open it up if you need to get rid of some heat.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

Wear it like a shelter

The Off Grid Fleece Jacket is designed for physical and psychological comfort, so we’ve constructed it with a relaxed fit which mimics the architecture of a shelter. This looser fit makes it easy to layer up underneath, and it also works with the natural stretch of the material so that you’ll never feel restricted when you move.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

How we source our wool responsibly

While wool is an amazing material, it has to be made ethically and in the right way. To create the Off Grid Fleece Jacket we work with Manteco, an Italian mill based in Tuscany that’s been producing advanced and sustainable wool fabrics since 1943. All of the wool we work with has to meet Manteco’s Standard for Animal Welfare Guarantee, which ensures the welfare of the sheep as well as preserving and restoring the land they graze on.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

The grid might not be the solution we thought

We’ve spent almost all our entire time on Earth living off the grid. It’s been just 140 years since Thomas Edison switched on his generators at Manhattan’s Pearl Street Station in 1882 and the first electrical grid was born. Your great-great grandparents might have remembered it. It was 3pm on a Monday. Gas, water, Amazon and Netflix all followed. But what if the grid is a blip? What if it’s an experiment we’ve outgrown? After all, we survived for two million years without it.


What is “off grid”

Living off grid in its purest form means that you’re responsible for everything. Take a raft to an uninhabited desert island and you’ll get the idea. Drinking water? That’s yours to find. Fire? You’ll need to light it. Shelter? You’ll need to build it. Clothes? You’ll need to make some. Food? You’ll have to catch it or forage for it. At this end of the spectrum it’s all about survival. But given there aren’t quite enough islands to go round, the shift to off grid is more likely to take the form of self-sufficient communities setting up in increasingly remote and inhospitable terrain producing their own food and energy.

Off Grid Fleece Jacket

Why the future will be lived off grid

With finite fossil fuels, a rapidly changing climate, and many predicting water wars in the not-too-distant future, being totally divorced from the production of everything we rely on for survival doesn’t feel like a particularly smart idea. Not knowing how to grow your own food, raise animals, find water, or even build the things you need, might become a serious stumbling block to survival if things don’t quite run to plan. While getting to Mars is definitely the next frontier, there might be another one waiting for you on your own doorstep.

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