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Fit guide: The Planet Earth Hat comes in 2 sizes, Medium and Large.

Model wears: Greg Kheel is wearing the Planet Earth Hat in size Medium.

Personalised advice: You can ask us for personalised sizing advice here.

Returns and exchanges: Don’t worry if you order something and it doesn’t fit – we have a free, no hassle 30 day return and exchange period.

Fits head circumference54cm - 58cm58cm - 62cm
Fits head circumference21.2" - 22.8"22.8" - 24.4"
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Built from heavy-weight cotton cambric

To build a hat that works anywhere on Earth, you need to start with a base material that’s soft, comfortable and robust. So we build the Planet Earth Hat with a heavy-weight cotton cambric. It’s incredibly fine and also super dense. This makes the hat soft enough to screw up into your bag when you don’t need it, but still strong enough to hold its shape when you’re soaked to the skin.


36 engineered air vents

The hat is engineered with 36 vents to keep you cool in hot and humid environments. The vents are concealed and layered over each other so that water runs off them. They’re also pinned down with bartacks for strength. We’ve lined the inside of the hat with a soft, breathable Italian mesh. It combines with the vents to allow air to flow through, while keeping dust and insects out.


Fast drying, water and wind repellent

The density of cotton cambric makes it highly wind resistant. The material is also treated with a water repellent coating so that light rain or ocean spray will simply roll off its surface, keeping you drier for longer. If you do get caught out in a rainstorm, the same technology makes the hat fast-drying.


16 gadget loops for attaching survival gear

The original boonie hats came with woven loops called ‘branch loops’ that soldiers could stuff with plants to camouflage themselves better. The Planet Earth Hat comes equipped with 16 loops that let you attach equipment like lighters, paracord, or small torches. You’ll find 6 elastic bungee loops on either side of the hat, with 2 larger woven loops layered on top. The elastic loops sit tight against your head so you can lock your sunglasses to your hat, or anything else you want to keep up there.


Comes with a removable sunshield

The hat comes with a sunshield to protect the back of your neck from the sun and biting insects in hostile terrain. The sunshield is made from the same cotton cambric as the rest of the hat and fastens to the inside of the hat with military grade Velcro, so it’s quick to put on or take off.


Invisible tech blocks invisible UV rays

Just like sunblock, fabric can be rated for its ability to reduce your exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF, determines how much more protection your skin would have while wearing that piece of clothing. A UPF rating of 15 for example would give your skin 15x more protection than it would have if it was unprotected. The cotton cambric material is so densely knitted that the fabric scores a UPF of 50+ which is the highest possible rating, giving you the highest possible protection.


Drawcord filled with fishing wire and tinder

You can tighten the drawcord fast to keep the hat on tight if wind or a storm picks up. And the cord is made from high strength military grade paracord filled with a metre of fishing wire and tinder, just in case you end up somewhere you hadn’t planned for.

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