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    Sweatpants are alright, but hoodies are the undisputed champion of comfort clothing. Not only are they soft; their hood is like an emergency privacy shield for those moments that you just can’t. Which is what makes the Baker Miller Hoodie by Vollebak so appealing. It’s not just your standard heaven-sent sweatshirt with a zipper; it’s a hoodie that’s designed to calm you down, like a wearable tent.

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    It's no secret that certain colors can cause your body to do certain things. The Vollebak Baker Miller Relaxation Hoodie takes this knowledge and uses it to hack your own body.

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    Every detail of the hoodie - from the material, its asymmetrical pockets, breathable private mesh, and even the color - has been considered for peak relaxation. It was created for athletes to help calm them down before a big event, or recuperate after they’ve given it their all - but it will also work for non-sportspeople, too.

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    Take a chill pill man. Whether it’s the night before a big climb or you’re prepping for some high endurance test, the nerves will get you. The key to relieving any stress, at least for some athletes, is to zone out. That’s where Vollebak’s Baker Miller Pink Hoodie comes into play. It’s actually engineered to calm you down.

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    The hoodie borders on obsessive in its dedication to designing for relaxation.

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    Who would’ve thought that your average looking apparel would also help you relax. Vollebak’s latest Baker Miller hoodie aims to do just that with a sweatshirt that aims to calm players before a big event. Comparable to a tent that you can take with you, its zipper goes all the way up in order to cover your face and also filters what you see using calming colors.