So what is the Extreme Discount Card? 

The Extreme Discount Card is a unique, hand-carved piece of Bocote Rosewood about the size of your wallet that we’ve buried just like treasure somewhere on Earth.

What do I win if I find it?

If you find the card we’ll reward you with free Vollebak clothing for the rest of your life. One of everything we ever make in your size. Forever.

What’s so extreme about it?

While the discount is extreme, getting the card is too. It was hidden in a remote and undisclosed location by two of the most hardcore adventurers on the planet.

How hardcore are the guys who hid it? 

Jason Fox and Aldo Kane are both world record-holding adventurers and former elite British military operatives. As a former sergeant in the UK’s most elite special forces group, the aquatic arm of the SAS, Jason specialises in mad shit in the water. In 2015 he was one of the divers who found the long-lost treasure of the 17th century pirate Captain Kidd off the coast of Madagascar.

Aldo has led expeditions into the Congo’s 11,380ft Nyiragongo volcano when it was erupting, executed a four day abseil down the 3,212ft Angel Falls, and crossed the shifting sand dunes of north west China’s Taklamakan Desert. In 2016 he led first ascents up Venezuela’s ancient tepuis – sheer-sided, flat-topped mountains rising out of the jungle – and descents into the cave systems on their island summits.

Can I bribe Jason and Aldo to tell me where it is?

You can try. But it’s one thing to know where it is, and another to be able to go and get it.

Have you left any clues? 

Yes. We’ve left you a 5 minute film that documents the card’s final journey shot from the card’s perspective. We recommend watching it as many times as you can, and watching it with friends. We are yet to meet anybody who has found all the clues it contains, or cracked them.

Is it actually possible to go and get it?

We wouldn’t have set it if we didn’t think it was possible. But it will be hard. Everest wasn’t climbed on the first attempt. It took 320 years to find Captain Kidd’s treasure. And we’re yet to set foot on Mars. Adventure isn’t always easy.

What are the chances it will be found?

You might need to be a Professor of Mathematics at MIT or the University of Oxford to figure that one out. There are approximately 1.386 billion cubic kilometres of water in the world, and the card itself is 240 cubic cm – which we know is a big space to look for a small thing.

It’s basically a needle in a haystack challenge. It’s just the haystack is Earth. And the needle is a bit of wood the size of your wallet.

How long do I have to find it?

There’s no time limit. So the simple answer is you have approximately one minute less than it takes the next quickest person find it. But the card isn’t going anywhere fast.

While wood will decay rapidly if you bury it underground, it can be preserved for hundreds of years if it’s buried under water. Bacteria and fungi will still degrade it. But when the oxygen supply is limited, the process is a lot slower than when it’s exposed to the air, and the water will actually help preserve not only the shape of the card, but also the detailed writing and carvings we’ve left.

Is it possible to forge the card?

We’ve done everything we can to make forgery impossible. The Extreme Discount Card was hand-carved over the course of three months by a mastercraftsman out of Bocote Rosewood. The wood is logged sustainably and by hand in southern Mexico and the characteristics of the card are unique to the piece of lumber it was carved from, with its black lines, density and swirling grain acting like a fingerprint. We also marked the card after we took the photographs.

Can anyone go and look for the card?

Yes, anyone can go and look for it. But not everyone should. While it’s out in the middle of nature and therefore open to anyone, the physical challenge is extreme.

If you do want to take on the mission, your journey is likely to be long and difficult. You’ll be attempting to find the card entirely at your own risk and at your own expense. There is no finish line, no cut off time, and no guarantee of success.

We don’t accept any liability if you end up searching in the wrong location, if you get injured, or if you run out of money or food 5,000km from home. Like any expedition or adventure things can go wrong as well as right.

What if I get to the right location and the card has gone?

If this happens, one of the following is probably true. First, you may still be searching in the wrong location, in which case you need to go back to the drawing board.

Second, someone else got there first. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter and we’ll tell you if and when it’s found.

Or third, there’s been a natural event beyond our control. The card is buried in one of the more volatile parts of the planet, so if it gets swallowed by an animal, melted by lava or pecked to pieces by an eagle, there can be no card and therefore no winner.

What do I do if I retrieve the card?

If you find it, then you should email us at with a photo of you holding the card. Ideally not one that you’ve made in Photoshop. We will then issue you with further instructions.

What if we get it as a team? 

If you get it as a team, we’ll reward you as a team. Up to two people. That’s what we needed. We wouldn’t want you to fight with your mate to work out who won.

Will you be releasing more clues?

We might release another clue in 2019 if it’s still to be found.