We build clothes from the future – from indestructible 100 Year Hoodies and Solar Charged Jackets that can be charged by the sun and made to glow, to our Planet Earth Shirts designed to help you thrive in every jungle, mountain, desert and city on Earth.

In our first two years of existence we’ve also built Relaxation Hoodies that work like isolation tanks, the world’s first clothing system built with the same ceramic technology used in jet engines and space shuttles, and the mind-bending Blue Morpho Jacket that mimics the most visible creature on Earth, the Blue Morpho butterfly.

And this is us just getting started. Every month we’ll continue to launch clothing concepts that have never been seen or attempted before. Our kit sells fast. Sometimes in days or even hours. But of course if you get the card, you’ll never have to worry about missing out again.

As for the obvious question of whether we’ll be around for the rest of your life to kit you out – we’re here to make the future of adventure gear, so we reckon we have a shot at still being around in 50 years. And with the oldest business in the world – a hot-spring hotel in Japan called Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan – having existed since 705AD, it doesn’t sound so crazy.