If you’re reading this in Laverton or Warburton in the Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia, we’ve given your next-door neighbours Carol and Ross the new Grey-Green edition of our Planet Earth Shirt to sell. They’re just 300km down the road at the Tjukayirla Roadhouse.

But if you’re reading this somewhere else, you might want to consider getting it from us.

Every Planet Earth Shirt comes with a reinforced anti-mosquito collar for the jungle, 7 concealed air vents that work like in-built air-con for the desert, a hidden passport pocket for hostile environments, 9 gadget loops for the mountains, over 62 metres of stitching reinforced with welding, and shatterproof buttons made from the world’s toughest nuts.

In other words, it’s the kind of shirt you need in the harsh Aussie desert.

They’re also water repellent, dirt repellent, bacteria resistant, fast drying, and built from advanced high-performance Swiss and Italian materials that stretch and breathe like sports gear.

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