So we’ve set a challenge every bit as crazy as anything in history. We’ve made a single priceless piece of treasure and buried it somewhere on Earth.

Adventure has always involved an element of insanity and the unexpected. And it always will. You won’t find adventure lying on the sofa watching TV. It requires bravery, experimentation and heading into the unknown because that looks like the most exciting place to go.

So having created hoodies that can lower your pulse and survive on the poles of Mars, and invented jackets that can be charged to glow using sunlight, or reflect light like the most visible creature on Earth, we decided that reinventing treasure was the next logical thing to do.

Ultimately it comes down to a question of philosophy. While other brands choose to spend their time and money chasing you around the internet with banner advertising, we’d rather send you out into the world to look for hand-carved wooden sculptures buried underwater.

On a timeline of human history we’re still in the dawn of adventure. We may have left our caves and mammoth hunts behind. And we no longer sail to blank bits on the map, where finding new worlds, falling off the edge of the Earth, or being swallowed by a sea monster all seem possible. But we’re not ready for Mars yet, or the stars beyond it.

We’re still just breakable, excitable human bodies riding giant waves, climbing rock faces with our bare hands, and running across deserts because they’re there. So burying treasure is our way of adding a little extra fun while we’re waiting for our seat on a space rocket.