Trying to destroy our 100 Year Hoodie

Watch the 100 Year Hoodie in action

Over 24 hours we threw as much shit at our hoodie as we could. It was dragged at high speed on tarmac, over rocks, through rivers, behind a motorbike, a 4x4 and a speed boat. It was hit with sparks from an axel grinder and dried with a blow torch. The hoodie is so tough we didn’t even bother to bring a spare one.

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  • fastcompany

    This hoodie is built to last 100 years - or at least outlast you. Unless you plan to live for another century.

  • uncrate

    It's no secret that certain colors can cause your body to do certain things. The Vollebak Baker Miller Relaxation Hoodie takes this knowledge and uses it to hack your own body.

  • Discovery

    Any chance you might accidentally hurtle down a remote mountainside, hit rocks along the way, and land in a pile of snow? A new high-tech survival jacket could be the difference between freezing to death and surviving to tell the wild tale.

  • The Upscout logo

    Vollebak is back at it with another winner. Their 100-year hoodie is designed to last that long no matter what you spend those years doing. Seriously, this thing is ready to stand up to not just the elements but nasty abuse from its owner and love every minute of it.

  • Wired

    Vollebak's P618 pink hoodie is built to induce calming oblivion.

  • Inside Hook logo

    Do you really need a garment that can handle being charred by a blow torch? Unless you’re a dressed-down version of James Bond, no. Might you want one, anyway? Hell yes.