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    The first Graphene Jacket is here, and it’s magical...more akin to a hackathon than a fashion design process.

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    The Vollebak 50,000BC Jacket is built to protect you in unlivable environments so you can explore and conquor the dark, untouched corners of the Earth. Using Ice Age-proof construction, the technical jacket is built for the colonization of Earth and is ready to handle every terrain and temperature you could encounter.

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    The reason the jacket is so striking is just as much about the fine finishing details as it is any technological innovation. The glow stretches evenly end-to-end, everywhere but the zippers and pull strings, to include even the seams themselves.

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    The visibly stunning piece of outerwear acts like a mirror for whatever light conditions you're in, with a liquid metal appearance under the sun that shifts to a bionic blue at night with any camera flash, torch, or searchlight.

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    Most think of techwear as clothing for the future, but Vollebak is not most people. The label’s 50,000BC jacket is a “part coat, part cave” survival garment designed for the greatest adventurer that ever lived: prehistoric man.