Hoodies and Sweatshirts

We make sweatshirts designed to outlive you, and hoodies that help you relax. Our 100 Year Sweatshirts and Hoodies are built from the same materials as spacesuits and body armour, while our Relaxation Hoodies are like an isolation tank you can take with you anywhere.

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    We have all had a favorite hoodie or two in our in our lives, and now there's a hoodie that's made to last even longer than you. The 100 Year Hoodie from Vollebak is made from 100% Kevlar fiber but is as soft and comfortable as your favorite cotton sweater. Available in black granite or pale yellow raw, each hoodie's color is unique and will subtly change over time due to sunlight exposure, so it's constantly evolving - just like you.

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    Designed to capture a quality lost in the era of fast fashion and disposable Zara-infused wardrobes: durability.

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    This hoodie will stand the test of time, and its appearance will reflect every passing year.

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    Vollebak, the brand that brought you the extreme relaxation hoodie, is back with another sportswear invention. Called “The Hundred Year Hoodie,” it’s designed to not only be durable enough to last all your adventures, but also be passed down to the next generation - basically, it's created to outlive you.