Jimmy Fallon and guest Jon Glaser sat back, dimmed the studio lights and zipped up their Baker Miller Pink relaxation hoodies to shoot the breeze and chat about Jon’s new show.

Jon — a self-proclaimed gear-obsessive — talked about why our hoodie is his favourite piece of kit. It featured in the season finale of Jon Glaser Loves Gear which aired on TruTV in December 2016.

Jon: This is a relaxation hoodie and it’s specifically designed for relaxing, down to the fabric, the actual design, the aesthetics, the colour; you can put a music player inside. It zips all the way over your face and you put your hands in the pockets, and just give yourself a hug and you relax. It’s just super cool and it’s one of my favourite pieces of gear…It’s super cool looking and it really is beautifully designed and really well made, and I thought it’d be nice to wear it today. And I actually got one for you.

Jimmy: Hey, thank you buddy.

Jon: And I thought it’d pretty fun for you to put it on, and for us to do a super relaxed interview.

Jimmy: I like that, let’s do it, I think it’s cool.