Four years ago the Relaxation Hoodie was our first ever product and it came from a brutal insight. Faced with cramped and isolated living conditions during any exploration or adventure, normally rational people would be tempted to stab their teammates with a fork just for the way they were chewing their food or drying their socks.

It didn’t matter whether they were adventurers, extreme sports athletes or astronauts. Being isolated from all the people they’d normally hang out with, while being forced into intense co-existence with others was enough to flip a switch in their heads that they might not even know existed.

So we created the original Relaxation Hoodie as a way of helping you chill out and create space around you in the harshest and most testing environments. Whether you were in a tent on the side of a mountain or trying to get some rest before a big event, zipping it up was like hanging a do not disturb sign over your face.

In the early days no-one described wearing a portable isolation tank as a mainstream idea. Not even us. Instead it was our first attempt to create clothing that could answer the most challenging and unlikely questions faced by some of the most intense people alive.

But then US comedian and gear-obsessive Jon Glaser decided to buy one and give another to his friend, Jimmy Fallon, live on the Tonight Show to help them relax. And it turns out you sell quite a lot of hoodies when two guys demo it on one of the biggest TV shows on the planet. Since then the Relaxation Hoodie has never looked back.

Four years later, large parts of the world are now in self-isolation and facing the same psychological challenges as mountaineers and astronauts. Personal space has become a government requirement. It’s illegal not to cover your mouth and nose outside in some cities. Tesla’s biohazard button looks like sound logic. And wearing a hoodie that can zip up over your face on your trip to the shops makes sense.

Our Relaxation Hoodie is available soon in a Blackout edition and Navy edition.