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We shot the 100 Year Hoodie on speed flyer, kitesurfer and climber Murray Smith, who is 5ft 9 / 175cm and wearing size small. The fit is loose and relaxed and is true to size. Slight shrinkage of up to 1-2 cm may occur after washing. If your chest measurement is on the borderline between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size.

For more advice on sizing, check our size guide or ask us for help with sizing. And don’t worry if you order something and it doesn’t fit – we have a free, no hassle 30 day return and exchange period.

Fits chest83-9091-9899-106107-114115-122123-130
Fits chest71-7676-8181-8686-9191-9696-101
Fits waist28-3030-3232-3434-3636-3838-40
Trying to destroy our 100 Year Hoodie

Watch the 100 Year Hoodie in action

Over 24 hours we threw as much shit at our hoodie as we could. It was dragged at high speed on tarmac, over rocks, through rivers, behind a motorbike, a 4x4 and a speed boat. It was hit with sparks from an angle grinder and dried with a blow torch. The hoodie is so tough we didn’t even bother to bring a spare one. While the tests killed our Special Forces tactical rope, the hoodie was fine. 

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Milled in the US, constructed in Europe

The fabric we've used for the 100 Year Hoodie is 100% Kevlar® fibre milled in the US – we've not combined it with other fabrics or hidden it beneath other layers. The only other materials you'll find in the hoodie are the rubberised zip and durable draw cords which are more like rope in their texture and thickness, and are finished with heat moulded rubberised ends.Every hoodie is built at one of the most technologically advanced factories in the world in Portugal. 

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Every hoodie starts life in a petri dish

Unlike plucking cotton from a plant, or shearing wool from a sheep, every 100 Year Hoodie starts life in a lab floating around as a liquid pool of poly-para-phenylene terephthalamide. Forced through giant metal sieves at volcanic temperatures it’s then spun, wound, cut, treated and straightened to create Kevlar® fabric with a melting point of 300°C. These rolls of fabric are then cut by laser and assembled by hand to make our 100 Year Hoodies.

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It still feels like a normal hoodie

The idea for this hoodie was always to make it look and feel exactly like any other hoodie in your wardrobe. So it’s designed to have a loose relaxed feel and be soft to the touch. While it uses industrial strength fibres that are highly resistant to rips and abrasion, you simply wouldn’t know it until someone told you, or you put it to the test. The outside of the hoodie starts off with a textured grain that gets softer every day you wear it. The inside of the hoodie has a warm, cushioned fleece-like feel.

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No two 100 Year Hoodies will ever be identical  

Unlike a normal cotton hoodie, Kevlar is incredibly hard to work with. When you try to cut and stitch it, it’s about as co-operative as an animal at the vets. It twists and slides away as you’re working with it making it extremely hard to pin down. Even after it’s built it warps and ages, so no two hoodies can ever be the same. The normal rules don’t apply. Zips can’t be made 100% straight. The material goes fluffy. But this is the price you pay for having a hoodie you can’t set on fire and that’s made out a material normally reserved for things like rockets and ballistics.    

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Pushing the limits of what clothes can be made from

Kevlar ages very differently to regular materials, because it isn’t a regular material. This is not a hoodie you wear out to dinner. It’s a post-surfing, bonfire on the beach, road trip, trekking, wear it snowboarding hoodie. It’s not made to look pristine. It’s designed to take an absolute beating and look like it. But while it will look old and weathered it’s as loyal and reliable as an old dog or truck that just won’t quit. 

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Made from raw, un-dyed Kevlar 

We’ve left the fabric’s aramid fibres in their raw state, which is a pale yellow colour. As they’re exposed to sunlight they rapidly darken, giving you an aged and lived-in look within days. This process of sun-dyeing means that the same hoodie can look different from one day to the next. Lines, markings and colour shadings that emerge and fade each day, are all part of its unique character telling the story of its journey. What it looks like on day one is not what it will look like in a week, a month or a year. 

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Inspired by brutalist architecture

In 1953, the architect Le Corbusier started building with unclad concrete. Instead of covering up the raw material behind a façade like everyone else, he and other brutalist architects celebrated concrete for what it was and what it looked like. We’ve used Kevlar in its natural state, rather than hiding it as a backing material. It has a beautiful grain, and ages in a fascinating way. If a piece of clothing has lived with you for a really long time, its journey should be reflected by what it looks like.

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Ages like raw concrete

The idea of the hoodie lasting a long time but visibly showing its age was inspired by Corbusier’s social housing complex Unite d’Habitation built in Marseille. “What the outsider sees is a harsh, brutal, concrete exterior, now dirty grey; but as occupants, we are looking out secure in our citadel,” said one of the people who lived there. And that’s kind of how we think people will feel about their hoodie. Something that can look utterly battered, can also feel comforting. 

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Guaranteed on Mars as well as Earth

Kevlar® can survive at temperatures ranging from 300°C to -200°C, the same as you’d find on the poles of Mars and the surface of Mercury. So on the off chance you end up on a rocket with Elon Musk to Mars, the hoodie comes with a multi-planet guarantee. In the meantime, we’re quietly confident it can survive the 2,000 washes, 4,000 wears and 100 accidents it needs to before you’re done.

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Your clothes should grow old with you

Some of our favourite pieces of sports gear are the ones we’ve spent half our life with. They might be full of holes, sun bleached, limping along like a loyal old dog, and constantly under threat of being thrown by whoever you share your wardrobe with, but you love them because they’ve been with you on your craziest adventures. Our 100 Year range is kit built to last 100 years and be passed down to the next generation.

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We use the real stuff

DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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    Designed to capture a quality lost in the era of fast fashion and disposable Zara-infused wardrobes: durability.

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    Vollebak, the brand that brought you the extreme relaxation hoodie, is back with another sportswear invention. Called “The Hundred Year Hoodie,” it’s designed to not only be durable enough to last all your adventures, but also be passed down to the next generation - basically, it's created to outlive you.

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    Do you really need a garment that can handle being charred by a blow torch? Unless you’re a dressed-down version of James Bond, no. Might you want one, anyway? Hell yes.

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