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With athletes climbing faster, diving deeper, and running further than ever, the ability to switch off when you need to can be key to success or survival. The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is an experimental, high performance mid layer that’s designed to help you activate the part of your nervous system that helps you rest and recover. Once activated your body will slow your pulse, breathing and brainwaves, helping you conserve energy pre performance, maintain your focus during the event, or recover faster afterwards.

  • Breathable
  • Insulated
  • Wind resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Highly elastic
  • Cool wash max temp 40°
  • Do not tumble dry

The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is a slim cut, and designed for men. If you like your hoodies extra baggy then we suggest choosing a size up.

Arm length82-8484-8686-8888-90
Back length73-7575-7777-7979-81
Arm length32-3333-3434-3535-36

An experimental colour

Between 1979 and 1987 a series of psychological experiments demonstrated how just 15 minutes in a cell painted entirely in a colour named ‘Baker Miller Pink’ could calm the minds and tranquilize the muscles of even the most violent prisoners by rapidly slowing their heart rates.

baker miller pink 8

Lets you shut the world out

This effect is just as useful for athletes looking to recover. Replicating the exact colour of the original tests, the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie works as your own private isolation tank. Light coming in through the visor simply turns your vision the same shade of experimental pink. The visor is made from a breathable mesh that allows you to see out but no-one to see in.

vollebak baker miller pink 19

The Hoodie comes with its own soundtrack

Working alongside this colour is the Baker Miller Pink Soundtrack. Designed to induce the kind of brainwaves you’d experienced during meditation it’s constructed almost entirely from calming pink noise. Containing every frequency the human ear can hear you find pink noise throughout nature, from crashing waves to wind blowing through the trees.

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Sling Pockets for your arms

Two large asymmetrical pockets act exactly like slings for when you’re trying to save energy, or are simply too exhausted to move. Sliding your hands deep into the pockets also positions your forearms over the base of your stomach so you can check it’s rising and falling with each breath, rather than shallow breathing into your chest.

Vollebak athlete Chris Maclean | Image: Vollebak

Relax wherever you are

It’s impossible to relax if you’re cold or shivering, so the hoodie is made from a high performance soft shell. Whether you’ve spent too long in the ocean, cold air is being pumped into your plane, or you’ve woken up frozen at first light, encasing yourself in the hoodie will keep you warm. It’s breathable, hydrophobic, and feels like a cushion.

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    Through psychological and physiological hacks, this sweatshirt forces you to meditate.

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    Vollebak's P618 pink hoodie is built to induce calming oblivion.