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The Condition Black Ceramic Jacket is not only engineered to survive extreme 'condition black' experiences, but to help keep you alive in the aftermath. Built for indestructibility, the Condition Black Ceramic Jacket featuring ceraspace™ and nanosphere® is like battle armour for snow sports and adventure. It offers hardcore protection when you're pushing your limits in the mountains, backcountry or ice fields. It can be worn over any combination of base layers and mid layers, or even with a packable down jacket beneath.

  • 98% windproof
  • Water repellent / hydrophobic
  • Highly breathable
  • Heat retaining
  • Moisture controlling
  • Fast drying
  • Dirt repellent
  • All seams taped for waterproofness
  • External zips fasten inwards with a neoprene surround
  • Articulated hood locks tight over your helmet
  • Muzzle fastens up to your goggles
  • 2 external recessed + waterproof front pockets
  • 1 external waterproof pocket on left upper arm
  • Internal phone pocket with cable channels

The Condition Black Ceramic Jacket is designed to be the final part of your layering system for snow sports, so it’s quite a roomy fit. If you have a slim build, or you like a close fit, we recommend going a size down from what you would normally buy.

Arm length82-8484-8686-8888-90
Back length73-7575-7777-7979-81
Arm length32-3333-3434-3535-36

So tough it can scar rock

The Condition Black Ceramic Jacket is fitted with 19 panels of ceraspace – a ceramic material so tough it can scar rock and tolerate repeated high-speed falls up to 120kmph. Designed for the military, ceraspace is engineered in Switzerland by textile pioneers Schoeller. The only material in the world that’s tougher is diamonds.

condition black 2

Each panel is cut by laser

Each ceraspace panel is made from hundreds of 3D ceramic nodes set in a flexible skin, so the jacket moves with you. The panels are cut by laser and positioned by hand at predicted impact points to limit the chance of rips that would expose you to the elements. Every panel is breathable and water resistant.

vollebak condition black 15

Limiting your heat loss

ceraspace performs an entirely different role in extreme cold. Designed in a lab to withstand extreme temperatures, it has an incredibly low heat-up rate, which allows it to mimic human skin. However warm your body, the ceraspace stays as close to the cold outside air temperature as possible to minimise your heat loss.

Condition Black Ceramic Jacket

Built for survival

Two Survival Pockets on the upper chest help you focus on one of the most critical elements of survival: keeping your heart, lungs and vital arteries warm. Sliding your hands into the pockets and up over your shoulders puts you in the ideal foetal position to do this. The pockets fasten magnetically and are double-lined for warmth.


Nanotechnology soft shell

Our soft shell is made with Schoeller’s WB-400 and combines a fleece inside and tough nylon face with a nanosphere coating. The nanotechnology finish gives the jacket a textured surface like a microscopic mountain range, so water runs off it and dirt doesn’t stick. It’s 98% windproof, highly breathable, heat retaining, water repellent and fast drying.

Condition Black Ceramic Jacket

Instructions inspired by NASA

Like the original Apollo 11 spacesuit, the Condition Black Ceramic Jacket is engineered to increase your chances of survival if something goes wrong. Inspired by the series of instructions printed on Armstrong’s lunar glove, the left arm of our jacket carries glow in the dark instructions for when your brain and body start shutting down and you’re simply too wasted to think.

Condition Black Experiment

A training program for survival

Bringing NASA’s approach to space to the mountains, our aim is to increase your chances in survival situations by understanding the realities of how your brain and body behave under extreme stress. So we created the Condition Black Training Program to help you acclimatise to the reduced sensory perception experienced in life and death moments.

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Condition Black Ceramic Impregnated Baselayer

The origins of Condition Black

The military elite have a term for your physical and mental state during life and death situations – moments in which your subconscious has to choose between fight or flight. They call it ‘condition black.’ The colour code for ‘you’re about to die’. Each piece in the Condition Black range is designed to help you survive extreme experiences using insights from the field and advanced material technology.

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  • Discovery

    Any chance you might accidentally hurtle down a remote mountainside, hit rocks along the way, and land in a pile of snow? A new high-tech survival jacket could be the difference between freezing to death and surviving to tell the wild tale.

  • Wired

    With a name taken from military slang for the physiological state induced by life-or-death situations, Vollebak's Condition Black mountain sports and adventure jacket is not for the faint-hearted.

  • Gear

    The Condition Black jacket by Vollebak is designed for some crazy abuse, the kind of abuse that may incapacitate the user, thus requiring the built-in life-saving features.

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