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We took the mannequin-style shots of the Nano Meter 555 Midlayer on Vollebak co-founder Steve Tidball, who is 5ft 8 / 173 cm and wears a size small.

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Arm length62-6464-6666-6868-70
Back length73-7575-7777-7979-81
Arm length it22-2323-2424-2525-26
Back length28.5-29.529.5-30.530-3131-32
Nano Meter 555 Midlayer with Motion Capture Markers

The science of 555 nanometers

Colour is critical if you want to enhance your visibility in daylight, as the eye's visual receptors are more sensitive to some wavelengths of light than others. Measured in nanometers, the wavelength the eye is most sensitive to is 555 nanometers, which sits in the green part of the spectrum. You can place just one pixel of this green in 100,000 grey ones and you will still see it. While there’ll always be subtle differences in how different people perceive colour, when you wear our Nano Meter 555 Midlayer, you’ll be wearing the most visible colour in the world.

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Nano Meter 555 Midlayer with Motion Capture Markers

Rethinking night-time visibility from first principles

When light fades, our colour recognition fails and our pattern recognition system takes over. Experimental psychologists have established that with just 8 points of light surrounded by darkness, we can accurately perceive three dimensional human motion and extract information such as direction and speed of travel. So we've created a system of Motion Capture Markers that tap into the brain's pattern recognition system.

Nano Meter 555 Midlayer with Motion Capture Markers

Be recognisably human in 0.25 seconds

When lit-up, the Motion Capture Markers are designed to enable people to recognise you as human in just a quarter of a second. The brain can also instantly process the simple pattern of lit-up markers to reveal whether you're running or walking, in which direction you’re moving, and if you’re injured or well.

Nano Meter 555 Midlayer with Motion Capture Markers at 30x magnification

How our Motion Capture Markers work

The Motion Capture Markers are made from microscopic glass beads embedded into the fabric. They're smooth to touch and flush to the surface of the material, which remains lightweight and flexible. In daylight the markers operate in stealth mode, appearing as a subtle matt design detail. But from nightfall, they reflect any passing beams of light directly back at the source and appear as bright white discs. They're entirely washproof, so the retroreflective performance won't deteriorate over time.

Nano Meter 555 Midlayer with Motion Capture Markers

High performance heat-retaining fabric

Our Nano Meter 555 Midlayer is made from an ultra-soft, lightweight and breathable brushed fleece from Schoeller. The fabric features heat-retaining technology and our design incorporates a lock-down rubberised zip, so the midlayer will help keep you warm as temperatures drop at night. The entire top is high stretch, with seamless side panels and active stitching technology for complete freedom of movement.

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    Vollebak, the same company that brought us a pink hoodie designed for maximum relaxation, is launching something new: The Nano Meter 555 Midlayer, which features two details that hack human perception.

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    Thankfully, we have the folks at Vollebak working on superb gear like their Nano Meter 555 Midlayer – which might be the most advanced high-visibility shirt ever made.

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