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Fit guide: The Relaxation Hoodie has a regular fit.

Model wears: Climber, surfer and snowboarder James Jagger is 6ft 1 / 185cm with a 32in / 81cm waist, and is wearing the Relaxation Hoodie in size Medium.

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Relaxation Hoodie: Blue edition | Available at

The hoodie works like a portable isolation tank

In 1954, neuroscientist JC Lilly invented the isolation tank while working at the National Institute for Mental Health. Floating in a dark, soundproof tank of warm salt-water was designed with the sole aim of isolating the brain from external stimulation. It’s a brilliant invention until you realise you can’t take it to any of the places you might need to relax – like the start of a race, or the side of a mountain. So we built the Relaxation Hoodie to cut out stimulus like an isolation tank, but one which you could take absolutely anywhere.

Jimmy Fallon and Jon Glaser talk about the Relaxation Hoodie on The Tonight Show

Jon Glaser and Jimmy Fallon demo the original Relaxation Hoodie

In the early days no-one thought wearing a portable isolation tank would become a mainstream idea. Not even us. But the hoodie’s big break came when US comedian, runner and gear-obsessive Jon Glaser got one and gave another to his friend, Jimmy Fallon, live on the Tonight Show to help them both relax. And it turns out you sell quite a lot of hoodies when two guys demo it on one of the biggest TV shows on the planet. Since then the Relaxation Hoodie has never looked back.

relax blue full front no hood 1376

A hoodie built for surviving isolation

Three years later, in a world that’s becoming increasingly unpredictable, the Relaxation Hoodie is taking on a new life again. Personal space has become a government requirement. It’s illegal not to cover your mouth and nose outside in some cities. Tesla’s biohazard button looks like sound logic. And wearing a hoodie that can zip up over your face on your trip to the shops suddenly makes sense.

Relaxation Hoodie: Blue edition | Available at

Zipped up the hoodie is a Do Not Disturb sign

As any adventurer will tell you, coping with periods of isolation in confined environments will severely test your physical and mental resilience. So while you can wear the Relaxation Hoodie just like a normal hoodie with the hood down, when you want to switch off, you can simply zip it up, tune out and unplug from everything. It requires no tech and no effort. And as zipping the hoodie up is like hanging up a Do Not Disturb sign, people simply leave you alone.

The view through the Relaxation Hoodie visor | Available at

You can see out, but no-one can see in

The visor is made from a soft and breathable mesh fabric that allows you to see out, but no-one to see in. When you zip it up it helps turn day into night even in the brightest environments to help you relax, and everything gets quieter. This shot was taken from the inside to show you how much visibility you’ll have when it’s zipped up. You’ll still be able to cook some food in your tent, kick back and watch TV, or use your phone, but no-one on the outside will be able to see in.

Relaxation Hoodie: Blue edition | Available at

Even the pockets are designed to help you relax

You’ll find two large pockets on the front of the hoodie, with the left pocket much higher than the right one. They’re designed to hold your arms comfortably in a folded position even if you’re fast asleep, so it’s comforting and just like giving yourself a hug. Watch the Jimmy Fallon clip above to see it in action. Both pockets stretch right around to your back so you can slide your arms right in. Of course they also work as regular zipped pockets for phone or keys, and come with waterproof neoprene zips.

Relaxation Hoodie: Blue edition | Available at

The hoodie is soft and cushioned to help you chill out anywhere

The hoodie helps you relax even in the harshest environments. With the cushioned feel of a neoprene wetsuit, you could lie down on a hard rock ledge and still be ok. The surface of the fabric is water repellent, and all zips are waterproof, so light rain simply rolls off. It’s insulated which makes it great for keeping out the wind whether you’re up in the mountains or in the city. And the fabric is breathable and stretchy so you’ll never feel restricted.

Relaxation Hoodie: Blue edition | Available at

It can warm you up like a sleeping bag

You can’t relax if you’re cold and shivering, so whether you’ve spent too long in the ocean or you’ve woken up frozen at first light in the Arctic, encasing yourself in the hoodie will warm you up at high speed. Zipping the hoodie up when you’re freezing is like zipping a sleeping bag over your head. Instead of wasting the warm air you breathe out, it will simply circulate around you. Stick your arms in the pockets at the same time and you’ll be giving yourself a doubly insulated hug to stay warm.

relax blue side crop no hood right 1376

How a high-tech hoodie can help you relax

Just like a supercar the Relaxation Hoodie is all about form following function. While it’s fun to wear and looks like it’s just arrived from another galaxy, it’s built for pure performance. It borrows from a series of experimental techniques designed to help you relax then combines them in a single hoodie – from isolation tanks and meditation to colour theory.

Relaxation Hoodie: Blue edition | Available at

The origins of the Relaxation Hoodie

In the early 1980s a series of experiments took place in which violent and aggressive prisoners and military personnel were thrown in jail cells with every single surface painted pink. While it must have felt like a government-funded acid trip, the results were surprising. Being surrounded by just one colour for 15 minutes was enough to stop all angry and antagonistic behaviour. After nine minutes inmates could be found on their backs simply staring at the ceiling. With the effects lasting a further half hour after leaving the cell, they may as well have been shot with a tranquilizer gun.

Relaxation Hoodie: Blue edition | Available at

How colour can be used as a mind hack

The idea they were exploring was as surreal as the jails themselves: could you change peoples’ feelings and behaviour by exposing them to certain colours? And more precisely, could colour be used as a mind hack and force someone’s brain into a calm and meditative state? While the first ever edition of our Relaxation Hoodie was the same colour pink as the jail cells, after running our own experiments we began to build a series of dark visor editions.

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