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We shot the Slate Grey edition of our Relaxation Hoodie on adventurer, climber, wingsuit pilot and base jumper Maxwell Roche, who is 6ft 1 / 185cm and wearing size medium.

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Arm length54-5757-6060-6363-6666-6969-72
Back length56-5959-6262-6565-6868-7171-74
Arm length21.5-2323-2424-2525-26.526.5-27.527.5-29
Back length22-23.523.5-24.524.5-2626-2727-2828-29.5
The Baker Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie worn by Jimmy Fallon and Jon Glaser on The Tonight Show. See more at

Jon Glaser and Jimmy Fallon demo the Relaxation Hoodie

The next 5 minutes of your life should be spent watching Jon force Jimmy to chill out on The Tonight Show. Here’s why Jon loves the Relaxation Hoodie so much… “It’s specifically designed for relaxing, down to the fabric, the actual design, the aesthetics, the colour; you can put a music player inside. It zips all the way over your face and you put your hands in the pockets, and just give yourself a hug and you relax. It’s just super cool and it’s one of my favourite pieces of gear.”

Adventurer Maxwell Roche in the Baker Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie: Forest Green edition

It turns your whole world pink to chill you out

Between 1979 and 1987, a series of psychological experiments demonstrated how just 15 minutes exposure to a colour named Baker Miller Pink could suppress violent and aggressive behaviour in prisoners and delinquents – calming their minds and tranquilising their muscles. The Relaxation Hoodie’s pink visor replicates the colour, turning the entire world in front of you the exact same shade of pink the inmates saw.

Vollebak athlete Murray Smith viewed from the inside of the Baker Miller Pink visor

You can see out, but no-one can see in

The visor is made from a soft and breathable mesh fabric that allows you to see out, but no-one to see in. This shot was taken from the inside to show you how much visibility you’ll have when it’s zipped up. You’ll still be able to ride the chairlift, cook some food in your tent, kick back and watch TV, or walk around without bumping into things. But unless you have crazy skills you might want to avoid the high-speed stuff like off-piste descents.

Adventurer Maxwell Roche in the Baker Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie: Forest Green edition

The first piece of clothing to come with its own soundtrack

The Relaxation Hoodie comes with its own downloadable soundtrack designed to induce the same brainwaves you experience in meditation. Constructed almost entirely from calming ‘pink noise’ it contains every frequency the human ear can hear. You find pink noise almost everywhere in nature, from crashing waves to wind blowing through the trees and rain hitting the ground. Inside the hoodie you’ll find a zipped internal phone pocket and headphones loops.

Adventurer Maxwell Roche in the Baker Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie: Forest Green edition

Even the pockets are designed to help you relax

You’ll find two large pockets on the front of the hoodie, with one side much higher than the other. They’re designed to hold your arms comfortably in a folded position even if you’re fast asleep, so it’s comforting and just like giving yourself a hug. Both pockets stretch right around to your back so you can slide your arms right in. Of course they also work as regular zipped pockets for phone or keys and come with waterproof neoprene zips.

Adventurer Maxwell Roche in the Baker Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie: Forest Green edition

The hoodie is soft and cushioned to help you chill out anywhere

The hoodie helps you relax even in the harshest environments. With the cushioned feel of a neoprene wetsuit, you could lie down on a hard rock ledge and still be comfortable. The surface of the fabric is water repellent, and all zips are waterproofed so light rain simply rolls off. It’s insulated which makes it great for keeping out the wind whether you’re up in the mountains or in the city. And the fabric is breathable and stretchy so you’ll never feel restricted.

Adventurer Maxwell Roche in the Baker Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie: Forest Green edition

Reheat yourself at high speed out in nature

You can’t relax if you’re cold and shivering, so whether you’ve spent too long in the ocean or you’ve woken up frozen at first light, encasing yourself in the hoodie will warm you up at high speed. Zipping the hoodie up when you’re freezing is like zipping a sleeping bag over your head. Instead of wasting the warm air you breathe out, it will simply circulate around you. Stick your arms in the pockets at the same time and you’ll be giving yourself a doubly insulated hug to stay warm.

Adventurer Maxwell Roche in the Baker Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie: Forest Green edition

You won’t want to travel without it

The insulated hoodie is perfect for the random temperature changes you get on planes. And while people will ask you what on earth it is and where you got it from while you’re walking around in it, zipping it up is like hanging up a Do Not Disturb sign. Bright lights disappear.Everything gets quieter. And people leave you alone. Which makes it the most amazing hoodie for any kind of travelling. So on the next plane trip, just zip it up, switch off, and stay in your own bubble.

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