Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie

Baker Miller Pink Hoodie

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Engineered to chill you out, the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is the world’s most relaxing piece of technical clothing. Wear it when your mind is racing the night before an ascent, you’re counting down the hours to Ironman race start, or you’re ready to collapse with exhaustion on the plane home.

+ Uses colour, sound and body position to lower your heart rate, slow your breathing and regulate your brainwaves.

+ Dual purpose: wear it to relax and recover before and after sport, but also as a high-performance mid layer, even in tough conditions. It's insulated, water repellent and wind resistant.


The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie and Soundtrack work together to force your mind and body to rest, so that your parasympathetic nervous system can take charge. It's the part of your body that controls rest and sleep, and one of the most powerful performance and recovery enhancers that you have access to. 

1. When you feel your heart rate rising before competing or when you’re fatigued afterwards, zip the hood up, lie down, and listen to the Baker Miller Pink Soundtrack

2. Just 15 minutes in this position is long enough to stop your heart rate and breathing spiralling upwards, and slow them down. 

3. When you’re back to normal, unzip the hood and wear your Baker Miller Pink Hoodie like any other piece of high-performance sport kit. 




Between 1979 and 1987 a series of psychological experiments demonstrated how just 15 minutes in a cell painted entirely in a colour named Baker Miller Pink could calm the minds and tranquilize the muscles of even the most violent prisoners by slowing their heart rates. The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie works as your own private isolation tank. The visor is made from a breathable mesh that allows you to see out with about 70% visibility, but no-one to see in. Light coming in through the visor simply turns your vision the exact same shade of pink. Learn more in our essay The Science of Baker Miller Pink.



The positioning of the visor encourages you to breathe through your nose, which naturally slows your breathing and helps you to move into a deeper state of relaxation. Putting your hands into the deep Sling Pockets helps you check you’re using your diaphragm to breathe, not your chest. Engineered exactly like a sling for a broken arm, the Sling Pockets also help you minimise movement when you’re conserving energy, and make you as comfortable as possible when you’re on the plane home too wasted to move.


Download the Baker Miller Pink Soundtrack to your phone and listen to it when you're in the zipped up, lying down position. Constructed from elements of pink noise - found in crashing waves, wind blowing through the trees, and rain hitting the ground - the soundtrack regulates and slows your brainwaves to induce a meditative state in your brain.  The Hoodie features a zipped inside pocket and built-in cable channels for your phone or mp3 player. 



It’s impossible to relax if you’re cold or shivering so the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is built to perform in the harshest environments, keeping out the wind, cold and wet. Whether you’ve spent too long in the ocean, cold air is being pumped into your plane, or you’re trapped at base camp, zipping it over your head will keep you warm and stop extra heat escaping. Because the fabric is breathable, it won’t steam up inside.

+ Breathable

+ Insulated

+ Wind resistant

+ Highly elastic

+ Water repellent


"The high tech hoodie designed to calm pre race nerves."

220 Triathlon

"Through psychological and physiological hacks, this sweatshirt forces you to meditate."

"Vollebak's P618 pink hoodie is built to induce calming oblivion."