The Tjukayirla Roadhouse is in the middle of the Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia. It’s run by Carol and Ross and their dog Bronson. You can get to know them all in the film at the top of the page. They’re 264km from their nearest neighbour and a 3 day drive along an unsealed 1,200km sand track from the nearest city. There are more camels here than cars. And the road in and out is so unpredictable they have a vehicle graveyard right next to the store.

Which is why we decided to make them our first stockist. Our gear is made for anywhere on the planet, from the hottest deserts and densest jungles to the polar ice caps. So it seems right that the last outposts in the wilderness carry our kit.

If you want to pick up the new Grey-Green edition of our Planet Earth Shirt, you’ll find it at their store right next to the dried meat. And you’ll probably get yourself a bargain as we said they could charge whatever they want. Of course you’d have to get yourself there first. And that’s something of a mission even before you account for a world on lockdown.

With the Tjukayirla Roadhouse now up and running as our first ever stockist, and Carol and Ross ready to sell you a shirt, and probably some fuel, we’re now looking for our next remote shops to support. So if you know one, you run one, or you happen to find one on your travels, let us know. We’re looking.