Despite this, SpaceX remains one of our favourite companies in the world because they’re pushing their field forward at breathtaking speed. We’re a frontier species. And just as early humans left the Rift Valley and colonised the world, we will eventually leave Earth to colonise space. So with the rockets in safe hands, we’re going to carry on making the clothing we’re going to need for the future. The Deep Sleep Cocoon is simply concept number one.

Built to help you sleep anywhere on Earth or outer-space, the Deep Sleep Cocoon is a self-contained microhabitat that’s a cross between a cocoon and a spacesuit. However advanced we become, the human body needs rest and sleep in order to function at a high level, and this will become even more critical as we travel off our planet. But when you’re trapped in an environment you can’t control, and it’s cabin crew, scientific protocol or deep space deciding what light, sound and ambient temperature you’re exposed to, sleeping can be hard. Long haul flights, the International Space Station and the first flights bound for Mars are not designed for sleep. So the Deep Sleep Cocoon is.

Back on this planet, you can find the billboard located here (although it might be a good idea to wear one of our Indestructible Puffers if you’re heading down there.)