As a climber, extreme skier, jungle survival expert and trained combat swimmer, Jason Fox is the guy you’d want to rescue you if you were somewhere you’d rather not be. As a former sergeant in the UK’s most elite special forces group, the aquatic arm of the SAS, he specialises in mad shit in the water. In 2015 he was the diver who found the long-lost treasure of the 17th century pirate Captain Kidd off the coast of Madagascar.

In 2016 he set a world record-breaking new course rowing across the Atlantic Ocean with Aldo Kane and the rest of their crew. Navigating a route that had never been rowed before they followed the trade winds down the west coast of Africa into the violent seas where the weather patterns and wind collide. 50 days later they had rowed 3,677 nautical miles and become the fastest ever team to row from mainland Europe to mainland South America, landing on a remote Venezuelan peninsula.

Aldo is an explorer, climber, diver, ocean rower, and survival expert, so when guys like Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill want to stay alive in remote locations, it’s him they call. A former elite reconnaissance sniper turned adventurer, Aldo is rather good at staying alive in places where humans are the endangered species.

His feats include leading expeditions into the Congo’s 11,380ft Nyiragongo volcano when it was erupting, executing a four day abseil down the 3,212ft Angel Falls, and crossing the shifting sand dunes of north west China’s Taklamakan Desert. In 2016 Aldo led first ascents up Venezuela’s ancient tepuis – sheer-sided, flat-topped mountains rising out of the jungle – and descents into the cave systems on their island summits. In the same year, he secured two world records for ocean rowing with Jason.

But Aldo and Jason didn’t work alone. Orlando von Einsiedel is the Oscar-winning documentary director who made sure the Extreme Discount Card’s last days were captured on film before its burial. Known as one of the most fearless documentary makers working today, in 2015 his film Virunga was Oscar nominated for best documentary, before he won in 2017 for White Helmets. Orlando is known for his filmmaking in hostile war-torn nations and extreme environments.

If you think you know the person who’s destined to find this card, or you’re thinking of putting a team together to locate and retrieve it, then send them a link to the Extreme Discount Card film to see what they’re up against. You just need to know it is possible. It really is buried out there. But the journey will be extreme.