In our first two years of existence we’ve built indestructible 100 Year Hoodies made entirely out of Kevlar, Solar Charged Jackets that can be charged by the sun and made to glow, and a clothing system built with the same ceramic technology used in jet engines and space shuttles.

Our Planet Earth Shirts are designed to help you thrive in every jungle, mountain, desert and city on Earth. With anti-mosquito collars, concealed air vents that work like air-con, hidden passport pockets, gadget loops, stitching reinforced with welding, and shatterproof buttons made from the world’s toughest nuts, they’re the most technical shirts ever made.

We’ve also created Relaxation Hoodies that work like isolation tanks, the world’s first high visibility sports gear that’s entirely black, the most advanced shorts ever made, and the mind-bending Blue Morpho Jacket that mimics the most visible creature on the planet, the Blue Morpho butterfly.

We build clothing that no-one else will. Every month in 2018 we’ll continue to launch clothing concepts that have never been seen or attempted before.