We’re searching for the smartest, most extreme guys in the world, so we’ve set a challenge that’s crazily hardcore. We designed and made our own treasure from scratch, then buried it in one of the most remote locations on the planet.

Known as the Extreme Discount Card, whoever finds it will be rewarded with free Vollebak clothing for the rest of their life. This year alone the haul would include 100 Year Hoodies built to outlive you, Solar Charged Jackets that can be charged by the sun and made to glow, Planet Earth Shirts designed to help you thrive in every jungle, mountain, desert and city on Earth, and Relaxation Hoodies that work like isolation tanks.

Unlike normal, mass-produced, plastic discount cards, our Extreme Discount Card is a priceless and un-reproducible wooden sculpture about the same size as your wallet. Hand-carved out of a single piece of Bocote Rosewood by mastercraftsman Saena Ku over the course of three months, the wood’s unique swirling grain is like a fingerprint that makes it impossible to forge.

18 months ago the card was buried by two world record-holding British adventurers and former elite military operatives, Jason Fox and Aldo Kane. Which means that even if you’re smart enough to figure out its exact location, retrieving the card is another thing. Between them they’ve pioneered new Atlantic rowing routes, led expeditions into erupting volcanoes and abseiled Angel Falls. Back in 2016 they were also the guys who found Captain Kidd’s treasure 320 years after it was lost, so they know a bit about stuff that’s hard to find.

We’ve left just one clue as to where the Extreme Discount Card is buried – a 5 minute film by Oscar-winning director Orlando von Einsiedel which you can watch at the top of this page. Shot from the card’s perspective, the film documents its last few days before its watery burial. Known for his fearless film making in Virunga and White Helmets, Orlando followed Jason and Aldo’s every move. Contained in the film you’ll find all the fragments of information you’d need to go and get it.

Of course, while finding it is possible, it’s already been out in the world unannounced for 18 months without anyone coming across it, so the challenge is every bit as hard as it sounds. You’ll be looking for a piece of wood somewhere on the 350 million square kilometres on the surface of Earth.


Film credits

Director: Orlando von Einsiedel
Cinematographer: Franklin Dow
Second unit: Aldo Kane and Jason Fox
Producer: Josie Wicks
Production company: Grain Media
Editor: Scot Crane at The Quarry
Music: Si Begg
Sound design: Michael Powell at Prodigious
Post production: Youngster